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How to Decide Which Hotel will Suit Your Needs

Posted on 04 December 2017 by admin (0)

Hotel near jim thorpeHotel selections made online or over the telephone can put you in a tizzy with so many options and differing price points and amenities. How do you make the process of selecting a good hotel an easier experience? Here we will provide you some tips and pointers in selecting the best hotel for your budget.

First, make a short list of your most important features. this may include things such as the size of the bed, the hotel’s location, or the price point.

Second, make a list of other amenities that you want in your hotel package but maybe they are not your top priorities. Examples may include things like an in-suite refrigerator, central air, exercise room, continental breakfast, maid service, etc… These things are important to you, but maybe they are not made or break deals that would cause you to go to another hotel. Keep your needs and wishes in mind before searching and you are more likely to select the hotels you want based on your needs, and not based on good marketing tactics.

Finally, go online or call a hotel chain service like to find the best rates and easily compare hotel qualities and features with ease. For easier use, simply call the companies to find out details. Be advise that hotels may not always provide all the amenities listed online so it is best practice to call the hotel directly and speak with a member of their staff to ask what is included. For example, pools may be under construction during your stay, or the lobby may be undergoing a makeover and you would like to have known about it prior to your stay.

Another good tip to getting a good price is to call the hotel and ask if they have specials deals or pricing with local businesses in the area. Some businesses work and partner with local hotels and offer their customer savings.  offers customers who need a tow service a reduced price if they stay with their partners at Call around and get fair and competitive pricing and always do your homework. Stay safe out there friends and have good travels!